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California Visitation Timeshare Chart

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One weekend per month 6.58%
One extended weekend per month 9.86%
Two weekends per month 13.15%
One weekend per month and one evening per week 13.70%
One extended weekend plus one overnight per week* 19%
Alternate weekends 14.25%
Alternate weekends plus two weeks during summer 18.36%
Alternate weekends, 1/2 holidays plus two weeks during summer 18.90%
Alternate weekends, 1/2 holidays plus two weeks during summer (CP also has two weeks during summer) 18.36%
Alternate weekends, 1/2 holidays plus one month during summer* 23%
Two extended weekends per month 19.73%
Alternate weekends and one evening per week 21.37%
Alternate weekends and one overnight per week 28.49
Alternate extended weekends. 21.40%
Alternate weekends, 1/2 holidays plus four summer weeks (alternate summer weekends, with makeups) 21.10%
Alternate weekends, 1/2 holidays plus four summer weeks (no alternate weekends) 20.55%
Alternate weekends, 1/2 holidays plus 1/2 summer 22.47%
Alternate extended weekends plus one evening per week 28.49%
Alternate extended weekends plus one overnight per week 35.62%
Alternate weekends, 1/2 holidays, 1 evening/week, four summer weeks (alt. weekends continued during summer, makeup weekends for the 4 weeks) 28.23%
Alternate weekends, 1 evening/week when school in session and 1/2 school vacation 28.49%
One day per week 14.29
Two days per week 28.57%
Three days per week 42.85%
Four days per week 57.14
Five days per week 71.43
Six days per week 85.71
First, third and fifth weekends 15.34%
First, third and fifth extended weekends 23.01%
First, third and alternate fifth weekends 14.25%
First, third and alternate extended weekends 21.37%
One evening per week 7%
One overnight per week 14.2
Two weeks during the summer 3.85%
All time during which child is not in school (i.e. summer, winter and spring breaks, Thanksgiving holidays, etc.) 31%
Alternate weekend, one overnight per week plus 1/2 of all time child not in school 30%
Alternate weekends, one overnight per week , 1/2 holidays  plus one month during summer 29%
Alternate weekends, one overnight per week plus 1/2 of all time child not in school 30%
Alternate weekends, one evening per week plus entire summer 30%
Alternate weekends, one overnight per week plus entire summer 39%
Three days one week/four days the next week and continuing thereafter 49.99%

Note: A "Standard Weekend" is Friday evening from 5:00 PM to Sunday evening at 5:00 PM.  An "Extended Weekend" is Friday afternoon after school until Monday morning when school starts.

If your visitation schedule does not conform to one of the above examples, you can always add up the number of hours of visitation per year and divide that number by 8760 (the total number of hours in a year).  That will give you the visitation percentage based on your yearly visitation schedule.

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