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The DissoMaster™ program is used by almost all family law professionals to determine guideline child and spousal support payments in the State of California.  It has been used in the California judicial system for over 20 years.  The DissoMaster™ program is one of the few programs certified by the California Judicial Council for use in making support calculations in California.  The DissoMaster™ program was designed by attorneys to follow the guidelines set out in the California Family Law Code.  We always use the most current version of the DissoMaster™ available so you know that you are getting the correct support amount.

The DissoMaster™ program is also used to calculate the guideline spousal support amount in cases that may have just spousal support or involve both child and spousal support.

While the California Family Law Code states an algebraic formula to calculate child support, it is almost never used in actual practice.  Since the algebraic formula requires the use of net income to determine the support amount, there is plenty of room for error when using the net income you think is the correct amount.

Net income on your paycheck is determined by a great number of circumstances, which may not reflect your actual year-end net income.  That is why the DissoMaster™ is so important.  It actually calculates the correct net income to determine the accurate amount of support.

Our firm has over 15 years of experience in using the DissoMaster™ program.  We have done literally thousands of reports for our clients.  This is what we do all day, every day.  We do not just enter your information into a database and generate your support payment.  Every report is carefully done by someone who looks over EVERY line of your report and checks to make sure that the support amount is correct.

California Family Law Code 4055 states an algebraic formula for calculating child support payments:

(a) The statewide uniform guideline for determining child support orders is as follows:

CS = K (HN - (H%) (TN)

It is computed using the net disposable income of both parents. The items that may be deducted from the gross salaries are defined in section 4059. This is a complicated formula that takes into account the actual tax responsibilities and circumstances of each party.

We have never seen child support calculated by the actual formula stated in the California Family Law Code. It is almost without fail calculated by a program, usually the DissoMaster™ program.

The program most frequently used by California Family Law Professionals is the DissoMaster™ program. It takes into account actual tax liabilities and circumstances of each party to quickly and accurately calculate support payments.  

The DissoMaster™  has been the standard for calculating child support payments for over two decades.

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"If I were to give you a rating it would be 15 out of 10. You have gone above and beyond as far as explaining everything to me and running additional reports as needed. You were more helpful and accessible than my own attorney who has already cost me 10k."

"This was an awesome service. I have to appear in court on Monday for child support and I wanted to verify what I should be paying. I had the Dissomaster info back in under 30 minutes and I needed a revision and got that back in about 5 minutes. I would recommend this site to anyone who needs to know what they have to pay for support."

"Thank you for the assistance.  You have been extremely professional!"

"We are very satisfied with the speedy response and valuable information received. You have been awesome! We would recommend it to all our friends in need of similar information."

“Thank you for all the work you did for me. This is a difficult time and you made it that much easier to make the decisions that need to be made.  Again, thank you!”

"Thank you for your help, you really helped me out, no matter how many times I needed to have my report re-run.  Thanks again."

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California Child and Spousal Support Calculations Professionally Done

We are an online California child and spousal support calculator service that provides child and spousal support calculations using the DissoMaster™ software.  This is the same program used most often by California Family Law Professionals throughout the state.  All our reports are emailed directly to you, usually within hours.

We provide a comprehensive DissoMaster™ report, including:

  • DissoMaster™ Report included
  • Formal Report included
  • Findings and Rebuttals Report included
  • Child and Spousal Support Order included
  • Annual Bonus Reports and Monthly Overtime Charts included when requested
  • Confidential, professional and secure
  • Over 15 years of experience using the DissoMaster™ program
  • We calculate both child and spousal support payments
  • Get the same support calculation as the California Family Court
  • Reports emailed directly to you in PDF format
  • Reports same day, usually within hours
  • Good for every county in California
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • We have provided over 20,000 DissoMaster reports to our satisfied customers

Dydo Services provides parents and spouses a quick, easy and confidential place to find out what their support payment should be.  We strive to provide all our clients with prompt, accurate and affordable reports using the California State Certified DissoMaster support calculator program.  We dedicate ourselves to providing individual attention to each client in the privacy of their own home or office.  We do every support calculation as if it were our own.

Your satisfaction is our first priority.  If you find that once you receive your report you would like to make some changes, we will gladly make the changes for you at no charge!

DissoMaster™ Support Calculation for $39.95

***Up to 10 revisions to your report at no additional charge!***

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DissoMaster Report:

California Child Support Calculator with DissoMaster

Findings Report:

California Child Support Calculator with DissoMaster

California Child Support Calculator with DissoMaster

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California Child Support Calculator with DissoMaster

California Child Support Calculator with DissoMaster

Child and Spousal Support Order

California Child Support Calculator with DissoMaster

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